My Background

My first degree was in music, following a fairly traditional syllabus and focusing on the study of 20th century music history. I went on to complete a PhD looking at cross-influences between popular and classical genres (as we tend to call them - definitions here have always been challenging!), and how they might relate to postmodernism. From here I moved into marketing, including several years at Music Sales, Europe's largest sheet music publisher, working on their educational and classical catalogues.

My interest in fitness began in my late twenties and led me to train as an exercise-to-music teacher, and subsequently a gym instructor and personal trainer. Working in this field meant I was often talking about motivation; it's something that many people struggle with, and I wanted to understand why and what might be done to address the problem. I began studying Psychology through the Open University in my spare time, and after graduating, returned to full-time education. I completed an MSc in Psychology in 2011 at Keele University and was awarded my PhD in 2015, also from Keele. Since then, I have been working as a researcher, firstly in a consultancy and now in a postdoctoral research role. I have also returned to the Open University as an Associate Lecturer.

Ou ceremony

Open University Graduation

 Postdoctoral roles

  • 2016- Postdoctoral Researcher, St. George's University of London and Kingston University
  • 2016- Associate Lecturer, The Open University
    • Teaching on core undergraduate psychology modules at Level 1 (DE100) and Level 3 (DE300)
  • 2015-2016 Research Associate, Håbe Consulting
    • Delivering consultancy, training and evaluation for mentoring schemes in universities, medical societies and charities. I am continuing this work on a freelance basis, as the owner of Håbe has wound down the activities to concentrate on other things.


  • 2014 Open University, BA(Hons), Open* (First Class)
  • 2011 University of Keele, MSc in Psychology (Distinction)
  • 2009 Open University, BSc(Hons) in Psychology (First Class): BPS accredited
  • 1999 University of Leeds, PhD in Music 
  • 1992 University of Huddersfield, BA(Hons) in Music (First Class)

* Modules in Human Biology, Music Technology, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy

Research Grants

  • October 2016: £8972 from South West London Academic Health and Social Care System for a study on how leisure centre managers decide whether to run exercise interventions for people with chronic health conditions
  • November 2016: £1004 from Kingston University and St. George's, University of London Joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education to support a study of volunteering at parkrun

Professional Qualifications

  • YMCA Exercise Referral for Clients with Specific Controlled Conditions (2010)
  • YMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer (2007)
  • OCR Level 2 Exercise to Music (2003)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Advanced Certificate (2001)


  • 2015 9th Triennial Conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM): Oral presentation
  • 2015 Midlands Health Psychology Network Annual Conference: Oral presentation
  • 2014 BPS Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference: Poster
  • 2014 Open University Social Sciences Online Conference: Oral presentation
  • 2014 Midlands Health Psychology Network Annual Conference: Poster (I won the Conference poster prize)
  • 2012 Joint Conference: 12th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) and 8th Triennial Conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM): Oral presentation
  • 2012 Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference: Oral presentation
  • 2012 BPS Annual Conference: Oral presentation
  • 2011 BPS Cognitive Section Annual Conference: poster (I won the postgraduate poster prize)
  • 2011 SEMPRE ‘Striking a Chord’ Music, Health and Wellbeing Conference: Oral presentation


  • Hallett, R. & Lamont, A. (2014). How do gym members engage with music during exercise? Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. 7(3), 411-427. DOI:10.1080/2159676X.2014.949835.
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  • Swindells, R. [maiden name] (1998). ‘Something Changed…’ Britpop and the Transformation of Cultural Roles in Popular Music. Popular Musicology 3 (6/98) 35-52.
  • I will be a named author on a Cochrane review which should be published shortly: my colleagues and I are finalising minor changes requested by reviewers. Additionally, I am involved in a freelance capacity with longitudinal research to evaluate mentoring schemes through my previous work at Håbe Consulting; this may be published and ethical approval has been sought with publication in mind (data collection will be completed in late 2016).

Teaching experience

  • 2016-  Associate Lecturer, The Open University
I teach Investigating Psychology 1 and Investigating Psychology 3, core psychology modules at first year and third year undergraduate level respectively.

In my previous role at Håbe Consulting, I delivered training in mentoring (mentees and mentors) for those working in academic, research and clinical roles related to medicine, from early career researchers to senior consultants and professors. I also taught on the following undergraduate psychology modules at Keele University:

  • Year 1
    • Research methods 1 (quantitative: pen and paper and SPSS)
    • Research methods 2 (quantitative: SPSS)
    • Seminar group (material to support lectures in cognitive, biological and social psychology)
  • Year 2
    • Survey and qualitative methods
    • Quantitative methods
  • Year 3
    • Health and wellbeing
    • Research in music psychology


  • Recreational running, including races from 5K to marathon distance. I was a Run Director at Hanley parkrun during my PhD, and I volunteer regularly at Kingsbury Water parkrun as well as taking part.
  • Creative writing: I have self-published a full-length novel and two short non-fiction books on gym exercise, one for beginners and one for intermediate exercisers.
  • Listening to and playing music: I play piano and oboe, and have just started learning 'cello.