Welcome to my website!

I'm Rachel Hallett, and I'm an early career researcher at Kingston University and St.George's, University of London working on exercise interventions for chronic health conditions.


I completed my PhD at the School for Psychological Research at Keele University in 2015. My thesis documents an investigation into whether music can help people stick to their exercise plans. 

I started my career as a musicologist, and worked as an exercise to music teacher, gym instructor and personal trainer before studying psychology. My research combines these interests.

 What's the site about?

This site is to gather together my academic work along with a blog, documenting the thoughts of an early career researcher. If there's anything else you think should be on here, please let me know via my email or visit the Guestbook page.


 Get in touch!

You can email me at racheljhallett@gmail.com 

I'm also on Twitter: @racheljhallett 





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